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Al-Bilad Recruitment Company is a leading office, has emerged in the world of advanced labor and has acquired the advantages and characteristics of filling you with reassurance for its services

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Our Services

Because your service is one of our most important priorities to bring in trained workers we are keen to achieve your interest and get your satisfaction with our services, and we accept no choice but to be satisfied.

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Mediation in recruitment

Through the recruitment of various human cadres qualified for various professions and trades of different nationalities male and female. And

Leasing labor services

The provision of labor services is a system aimed at regulating the provision of labor services between Al-Bilad Recruitment Company

Translation of employment

Al Bilad Recruitment Company provides translation services so that the customer can understand with his non-Arabic speaking workers at competitive

Recruitment of domestic workers

Al-Bilad Recruitment Company provides its customers with excellent services, including the recruitment of domestic workers from various countries and all

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We strive to provide a quality service of value to customers and return to us in building our brand in the recruitment market and avoid the problems and frequent thinking about upgrading the service and the good handling of our customers back to our services of interest and value

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